Consulting & Development

Increase your mobile audience




    Innovative Interface: 

       Promotional Campaign - push
       Individual Design
       CRM / ERP Interface
       Product Catalog
       Loyalty Cards (Passbook)
       Shopping Cart

    Back-Office  : 

       Behaviour Uses Analysis
       Integration of M-Commerce existing plateforms
       World Market Management
       Specific Range Product Management


     offers you its solution to help you to strengthen your users' experience.
    Let try M-Couponing.

    Full Complement:

       M-Coupons on mobile

       Synchronization of your "shopping lists" between different devices

       Monitoring your fidelity cards balance in real time

       Targeted promo alerts according to your interest

    Price Reporting

    We offer you the way to understand and measure your customer relationship, following a strict framework in a true transparency.

       Automated Price Reporting

       Internet Price Capture

       Price Reporting across all channels (GSA, GSS,...)

    Point of Sale

     offers you mobile solutions for your stores dedicated to your customer relationship.

    Full Complement:

       Digital devices (screens, TV, kiosks, touch pads)

       Traffic measurement (outside, inside, customer pathway)

       Logistic Management (inventories, storages, flows, transportations)


       Loyalty Cards (Passbook, RFID)



  • Apple developer
  • Microsoft professionnal certified
  • Android developer
  • Blackberry Select Alliance Member