Patrick Chatanay

Graduated from  the Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur and from the ESCP Europe. Business and financial training graduate, directed towards financial sectors in an auditing firm, then as a financial controller at Atari. Over 8 years both in Paris, London and Lyon, he founded  "Valode's Financial Officer and Pistres' Architects", the 1st French architectural firm,  the 5th European one, contributing to Human Resources Department and to the IT System Department during 5 years.


Christophe Verdier

Graduated from Paris VIII and from  the ESCP Europe. As a developer at Next Computer Inc in 1992 (iPhone / iPad Technologies Founder), he was Information System Director for Renault F1 during 7 years (4 times World Champion), after being System Information Manager at Prost GP during 4 years. Has since then been working on a wide-range of IT projects. He is an expert dedicated to developments in demanding embedded sector.


100% of our ideas realised in France
ezeeworld's values: Simplicity - Proximity - Quality & Services

  • A team comprising: doctors, engineers, developers, artistic director and graphic designers; interested in mobile and embedded domain.
  • Engineers experienced within every developed technologies.   
  • Developers dedicated to all mobile plateforms.